Secure Supplier Onboarding in JAGGAER

Protect your company against fraud with Trustpair’s global account validation, directly accessible within JAGGAER’s supplier management module. 

Account Validation in JAGGAER

This native connector with Trustpair enables procurement teams to conduct global vendor bank account validation directly in JAGGAER, before validating their addition to the vendor database.

By validating vendor bank account ownerships at a very early step of the P2P journey, fraudulent cases are immediately rejected. Using Trustpair in JAGGAER guarantees 100% reliable supplier data and the peace of mind that comes with a healthy vendor database. 

Start protecting your company from payment fraud today!

Benefits of using Trustpair in Jaggaer

Accelerate Account Validation for New Vendors

Bolster your organization’s vendor management by automating account validations. Replace slow, manual checks and minimize the risk of errors with instant and trustworthy validation results, enhancing your risk management.

Detect Payment Fraud when Onboarding New Vendors

Enhance your Source-to-Pay process by quickly identifying potential fraudulent vendors. Prevent inaccurate data exchange with your ERP systems to ensure data integrity and performance.

A Single Tool to Manage Vendor Data Accuracy

Trustpair’s native connector integrates smoothly within JAGGAER enabling a single tool for managing the accuracy of supplier data when they are created or modified.

Key features of Jaggaer's integration

Real-time Account Ownership Verification of New Vendors in Jaggaer

Automate vendor bank account validations when registering a supplier or when editing vendor data. As your team fills in supplier details, Trustpair automatically verifies company information, bank details, and the correlation between the two, providing an assessment directly in the JAGGAER interface on the Vendor profile page.

Enhanced Vendor Data Management with Dashboards & Exports

Thanks to the reporting tools and advanced dashboards provided by Trustpair’s web app and those accessible directly in JAGGAER, you can monitor your progress in securing the P2P process and verifying new suppliers as finely as possible.

Benefit from GIACT network

Trustpair’s collaboration with the GIACT network empowers clients to effectively manage risk and prevent vendor fraud.

White paper: The supplier risk landscape is changing

JAGGAER and Trustpair experts share :

  • Trends and Challenges of Modern Supplier Risks
  • The Essential Guide to Supplier Onboarding
  • Leveraging Automation To Harness Supplier Risks

Our customers integrated Trustpair into Jaggaer

Discover how finance teams successfully to automate and streamline their account validation processes in Jaggaer.

"Trustpair gives us more reliability and peace of mind. The financial director is more serene when it comes to approving the transfer order."

Sade Telecom - Témoignage - Trustpair (1)
Malika Benfares

"With Trustpair’s verification methodology, it's no longer just a consistency check but an exact confirmation of the validity of the third party: there is no longer any risk."

Decathlon - Témoignage - Trustpair (1)
Michele Bruno

"With Trustpair, we are able to automatically and quickly monitor our third parties and ensure the security of that very data over the long term."

Leaseplan - Témoignage - Trustpair (1)
Joffrey Tabouret

“I would definitely recommend Trustpair to finance departments. It makes adding and modifying beneficiaries more reliable, without resorting to manual processes that are cumbersome, time-consuming and fallible.”

Fabrice Menieur - Keys Asset Management - Temoignage Trustpair
Fabrice Meunier

“The control process is simplified with the Trustpair solution, the Finance Department is reassured and, above all, it no longer needs to waste time performing manual checks to verify a supplier's bank details.”

Fanny Harquel - Octapharma - Temoignage Trustpair
Fanny Harquel

"Trustpair adapts very well to the specifics of our market and our way of working. Several features are developed as we work together. That's a real plus."

Colin Cesena - axereal - temoignage Trustpair
Colin Cesena

"Trustpair has become more than a reflex; it has become an obligation. The team no longer validates an IBAN unless Trustpair has confirmed it to us."

etienne mechain - groupe dehon - temoignage Trustpair
Etienne Mechain

More international data sources integrated within Trustpair

In order to provide the best vendor coverage Trustpair integrates multiple international data sources.

Frequently asked questions

Want to know more? Here are the most frequently asked questions.

Trustpair is the leading fraud prevention software worldwide, employing cutting-edge technology to aid a network of 200+ clients in streamlining their tasks and reducing fraud, for more peace of mind.

We combat B2B payment fraud by automating account ownership checks worldwide, throughout your entire P2P cycle: fraudulent transactions are spotted and blocked automatically. Supplier account verification has never been so easy!

Our solution offers direct integration to your existing technical ecosystem as well as intuitive dashboards enabling teams to learn about the health of their database and alerts in case of fraud attempts. Our services also include extensive customer support.

Overall, Trustpair will secure your entire payment chain, enhance team collaboration, and improve fraud management, enabling your organization to focus on core business missions.

JAGGAER is leading the Autonomous Commerce revolution, a self-governing B2B commerce experience between buyers, suppliers, things (IoT), and partners. Over $500 billion worth of goods flows frictionlessly through our Enterprise Commerce Network every year.

Leveraging AI and machine learning, these intelligent procurement solutions provide enterprise buyers and suppliers with smart-match recommendations that align buyer needs with supplier capabilities. The solutions autonomously execute many of the repetitive, behind-the-scenes tasks required to facilitate enterprise commerce. They have over 1,100 employees strong, all focused on customer success.

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B2B payment fraud takes many forms: CEO scams, phishing, supplier fraud, etc. To summarize, it’s all the ways fraudsters can embezzle funds from a company. Scammers are more and more innovative, often resorting to sophisticated cybercrime.

One of the most common ways is using identity theft to change banking information and have money sent to fraudulent bank accounts. Thieves can use vendors or even employees to change banking credentials.

This type of fraud is difficult to detect: that’s why it’s crucial to have an automated solution like Trustpair that checks bank account ownership.

Defend your P2P chain with a fraud prevention platform.

Join the 200+ companies globally that are fighting fraud with Trustpair.