With Trustpair API, access to third party bank detail check within your digital tools

Trustpair’s technology is accessible through various deployment way. Among them, the API allows Financial departments to benefit from the advantages of the solution directly within their current digital tools


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Up to date third party data in real time inside your Information System

Trustpair API, based on the REST standard technology, allows your Financial department to take advantage of all the services provided by Trustpair solution without disrupting your current technical environment.

  • Company data enrichment (address, registration number…)
  • Bank data enrichment (SIRET, bank branch, address, factor)
  • Validation that bank account belong to the right third party


Trustpair’s teams support you for a successful API deployment project by sharing best practices and providing a dedicated testing interface.


Financial departments and CIO protect their company from wire transfer fraud with Trustpair API.

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