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Specializing in the prevention of payment fraud, Trustpair is the next-generation third-party risk-management platform.

Your ally in thwarting
B2B payment fraud

Intelligent third-party risk assessment
AI-based technology
Decision-making support

An empowered
finance team

Increased operational time
Automation of manual processes

Optimized collaboration between teams

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for leading companies

Native integration with P2P solutions

High safety standard
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Benefits for your finance team

A single platform for your teams

0 fraud

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of prevented fraud

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third-party control time


of third parties secured


Secure your payment chain from A to Z

Trustpair technology for more reliable monitoring
Evaluate data associated with your third parties via global banking sources, Trustpair’s own data, mutualization and payment history analysis.

A connected ecosystem

Trustpair’s solutions are recognized by the largest financial players.

They use Trustpair on a daily basis

Find out how finance teams control third-party risks with Trustpair.

"Trustpair gives us more reliability and peace of mind. The financial director is more serene when it comes to approving the transfer order."

Sade Telecom - Témoignage - Trustpair (1)
Malika Benfares
Sade Telecom

"With Trustpair’s verification methodology, it's no longer just a consistency check but an exact confirmation of the validity of the third party: there is no longer any risk."

Decathlon - Témoignage - Trustpair (1)
Michele Bruno

"With Trustpair, we are able to automatically and quickly monitor our third parties and ensure the security of that very data over the long term."

Leaseplan - Témoignage - Trustpair (1)
Joffrey Tabouret

“I would definitely recommend Trustpair to finance departments. It makes adding and modifying beneficiaries more reliable, without resorting to manual processes that are cumbersome, time-consuming and fallible.”

Fabrice Menieur - Keys Asset Management - Temoignage Trustpair
Fabrice Meunier
Keys Asset Management

“The control process is simplified with the Trustpair solution, the Finance Department is reassured and, above all, it no longer needs to waste time performing manual checks to verify a supplier's bank details.”

Fanny Harquel - Octapharma - Temoignage Trustpair
Fanny Harquel

“Trustpair has become more than a reflex, it has become an obligation. The team no longer validates an IBAN if Trustpair has not confirmed it to us.”

etienne mechain - groupe dehon - temoignage Trustpair
Etienne Mechain
Groupe Dehon

Fraud study

Trustpair, Accenture and SAP unveil the 2nd edition of the study “Businesses and transfer fraud in 2022.”

Don't let fraud get the better of you with Trustpair.

Find out how finance teams control third-party risks with Trustpair.