The anti-fraud solution for Chief Financial Officers

Are you CFO? Protect your company from wire transfer fraud and digitize processes within your department for better performance and security.

The CFO’s Challenges

Directeur financier - DAF
  • Experiencing wire transfer fraud, you don’t have yet a solution to protect your company?
  • Are your current control processes overwhelming, time-consuming and above all fallible?
  • You have limited or no visibility regarding the controls carried out by the teams?
  • When engaging your personal responsibility as an agent, you often feel a lack of serenity?
  • Regulatory standards are piling up and you must constantly ensure the compliance of your processes?

Trustpair, a standard for CFOs

Adopt the all-in-one solution to meet your business challenges


Protect your business from the risk of wire transfer fraud

The payment chain faces several points of risk, from third-party data entry into your Vendor Master File to invoice payment.

Ensure strong security of all checking processes and equip your financial department with a shield against the risks of transfer fraud.

  •  Single solution to secure Procure-to-Pay processes

  • Delegation and performance of third party controls

  •  Serenity during the payment campaigns validation

Sécurisation-flux-de-paiements-trésoier- directeur financier
conformité des processus


Manage your processes with greater precision

With financial teams using a variety of business tools, ensuring the security of data flows and the reliability of shared data is no easy task.

Opt for a connected digital environment and centralize your data in one single place for better visibility into the controls being performed.

  • Better process management

  • Secure, intuitive and connected environment

  • Traceability of assessments performed by teams


Drive innovation within your financial department

While digital transformation is at the heart of Financial departments’ strategies, knowing how to carry out projects at the right time and surrounding yourself with the right partners is essential.

Trustpair supports you in the digitization of your processes to strengthen the performance of controls and allow you to focus on the essential.

  • Digitization of Procure-To-Pay processes

  •  Smooth and secured processes from A to Z

  •  Decrease low value-added tasks

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Strengthen Procure-to-Pay processes on your Financial Department


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Trustpair meets your business challenges