We empower relationships with trust

We help financial teams trust their data, their teams and their processes in order to prevent B2B payment fraud.

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“At Trustpair, we are convinced that digital technology is the key to reviving trust and performance of financial departments in managing third-party data. Our promise is to rebuild confidence in their processes while simplifying their daily lives.”

Baptiste Collot
Co-founder and CEO

Our mission

Trustpair was born out of a strong conviction that manual controls of third-party data are time-consuming, costly and fallible for companies. Trustpair makes third-party data reliable throughout the Procure-to-Pay process, allowing teams to focus on the essentials. How? The platform, based on Artificial Intelligence, automates third-party controls and strengthens process security.

Our values

We explore new paths to find the right one

We love to read, gather new ideas and experiment with new technologies and methods. We observe, understand and create: 3 things found in an adventure. If the solution does not exist, we create it ourselves.

We speak our minds honestly and respectfully

We say what we mean, and we mean what we say. When we’re not aligned with decisions, we are open about it. We share feedback respectfully to keep improving.

We have each others’s back

We make sure everyone feels good and valued. Before making any decision, we think about what the impact on the people around would be. We go above and beyond to help people around us whenever we can.

We commit to each other

People can count on each other when needed, in easy or more complex situations. We commit to the company, to our projects and to the team around us. We succeed through collaboration.

We move forward with persistence

When we start something, we see it through. Rigor and discipline is our key to success. We challenge the status quo, again and again.

Our story

Working four years in the treasury department of a large French company, Baptiste Collot saw first hand both cumbersome processes and an increase in B2B payments fraud attempts. With the aim to reinvent payment security in companies, he joined forces with Alexandre Gillier and Simon Elcham, in 2017, to link technology and data processing to strengthen payment security.

Today, 100 talented people with expertise in fraud and data are building the next-generation third-party risk management platform.

Trustpair at a glance

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An ecosystem that trusts us

+200 companies secure their payments with Trustpair
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