Cookies Policy

Cookies are files used to record information about your navigation on the website. When accessing our website, cookies may be installed on your browser or terminal for a number of purposes.

What types of cookies do we use and how do we use them?

Trustpair uses both essential cookies (i.e. cookies required to have a functioning website and provide you with the services associated) and specific cookies (i.e. cookies that are used for specific purposes).

Essential cookies are strictly necessary to provide you with the services available through our website. They range from cookies used to retain your choices (for instance, privacy and language preferences) to cookies used to secure the use and access to the website (such as authentication mechanism).

Essential cookies are meant to ease your user experience and their use is strictly limited to Trustpair.

Specific cookies are used for other purposes, such as allowing Trustpair to understand how the website is being used or to help you share information on social media. These cookies are not mandatory for the effective use of our website but provide additional services that may fit your needs.

How can you customize your choice of cookies?

When using our website for the first time, you will be able to select the cookies you want to authorize, through our consent management platform.

Essential cookies are allowed by default whereas specific cookies are deactivated and must be selected by you before being installed on your browser.

Our consent management platform allows you to either accept all cookies, deny all cookies or select them one by one.

To facilitate your use of the website, you will not have to repeat your cookie choices upon your next connection, but you may modify your choices at any time by selecting the consent management platform and checking/ unchecking cookies.

How long do cookies last?

There are two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies.

Session cookies are created temporarily in the sub-folder of your browser when you visit a website. Once you leave the site, the session cookie is deleted.

Persistent cookie files remain in your browser’s sub-folder and are reactivated once you visit the website that created that specific cookie. A persistent cookie remains in the browser’s sub-folder for the length of time defined in the cookie file.

Generally speaking, a cookie is valid for a maximum of 13 months.

To make sure that you are comfortable with your cookie choice, we may, from time to time, ask you to renew your consent to specific cookies.

What cookies does Trustpair use?

The list of cookies is subject to change. To know what cookies we currently use, please check our consent management platform.

In any event, specific cookies will never be installed on your browser or terminal without your prior consent.

Where can I get further information?

Should you have any questions about our use of cookies, please email us at

You can also visit and