A single, integrated platform to prevent payment fraud

Reliable global vendor data, automated account validations, and cross-functional workflows to protect your P2P chain.

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The platform

Trustpair protects your company from payment fraud.

Automate International Account Validation

Leverage the most reliable vendor data worldwide and automatic bank account validations.


  • Aggregates vendor data from all available data providers
  • Assesses the reliability of your third-party data
  • Enriches and continually monitors your data for anomalies and risks

Break down risk silos

Streamline fraud identification and management by getting the right information at the right time, prioritizing actions, and quickly collaborating with other team members.

  • Intuitive and comprehensive dashboards,
  • Customized workflows
  • Real-time notifications

Embed fraud prevention into your P2P chain

Trustpair seamlessly integrates with your existing technology environment (TMS, procurement portals, and ERP systems including SAP) to ensure:

  • Automatic account validations embedded within your P2P ecosystem
  • Teams maximize efficiencies and time
  • Your processes are protected

Advanced fraud prevention technology

that gives you peace of mind


of bank accounts verified


of frauds avoided


fraud experts


financial institutions in the network

Hundreds of companies fight payment fraud with Trustpair.

Exclusive Report: How Businesses Fight B2B Payment Fraud

68% of companies prefer that banking detail control solutions are integrated in all P2P applications. Learn more about how companies are tackling fraud.

Defend your P2P chain with a fraud prevention platform.

Join the 200+ companies globally that are fighting fraud with Trustpair.


Frequently asked questions

Browse through our different sections and find the answer to your question.

Third Party Risk Management is a process that focuses on identifying and reducing risks related to third parties (vendors, suppliers, customers, etc.).

Trustpair’s technology is accessible through various deployment way. Among them, the API allows Financial departments to benefit from the advantages of the solution directly within their current digital tools

It’s crucial to choose software that fits your company, its structure, and its needs. Here are the main criteria to take into account and how Trustpair answers them.

  • Coverage that’s adapted to your geographical presence. Trustpair’s account validation technology relies on the largest access to external and internal data bases, offering unrivaled coverage worldwide.


  • Embedding capabilities to your pre-existing ecosystem. Trustpair integrates seamlessly – natively or with an API – with existing software (Procurement, ERP, TMS)


  • A simple and intuitive use of the platform. Our platform is easy to use and doesn’t require any specific training for first-time users.


  • Customized support by a team of experts. At Trustpair, you’ll be guided by a dedicated CSM and your project deployment will be led by a solution consultant with over 8 years of experience.

Investing in a high-end platform suited to enterprise companies means avoiding hidden costs and ensuring sustainability.

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