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We are the first and biggest external data sources aggregator giving access to risks assessments in more than 170 countries. We also use the internal – and anonymized – data of Trustpair customers.

We can therefore give account ownership verification results internationally. Account validations coverage varies from one country to another.

Here are some examples of coverage:

France: 95%
Poland: 97%
United States: 80%

The development of our international coverage is one of our priority areas of development.

For vendor account validation, several statuses can be issued:

  • Favorable: the vendor’s banking information, its identity and the correlation between the two are validated. This vendor data is free of risk.
  • Unfavorable: one or more elements of the assessment presents a risk. This could be the bank acciybt, company information or the correlation between the two.
  • Anomaly: information is missing to enable the evaluation to be carried out successfully.
  • Unconfirmed: the company exists and is in operation and the bank account exists but the correlation between them cannot be validated.

In addition to evaluation statuses, the platform delivers corrective actions to be taken and context information.