UniCredit and Trustpair announce partnership around IBAN Check

Last modified on July 12th, 2023

UniCredit and Trustpair, the leading platform to prevent B2B payments fraud, have today announced a partnership that will see the latter enrich its digital platform by offering IBAN Check Italy, a UniCredit Open Banking solution developed in conjunction with CBI consortium (Consorzio Bancario Italiano).

Thanks to IBAN Check, Trustpair’s clients will be able to check in real-time the correct association between the IBAN and Fiscal / VAT Code of Italian beneficiaries.

This level of control adds security and efficiency to onboarding and payment operations, ensuring that valid information is always supplied, in a workable format with company processes – thereby minimizing inefficient manual interventions and the risk of fraud.

IBAN Check in Italy is one of the first in an ecosystem of value-added services based on API technology which UniCredit is strongly committed to the context of its Group digitalisation strategy.

Raphael Barisaac, UniCredit’s Global Head of Payments & Cash Management, commented: “Our customers already appreciate the support we provide them as regards digitalisation, and Open Banking is one of the strands in which we will continue to invest in order to make further innovative solutions available to them. The implementation of value-added services to customers using the platform of Trustpair goes exactly in this direction.”

Baptiste Collot, CEO, Trustpair, added: “Trustpair helps companies manage vendor data properly and avoid fraud risk at scale, which is important considering a single company can have thousands of local and international vendors. We’re happy to launch this partnership today with UniCredit, the leading Italian bank, which is a strategic geographical coverage need for many of our customers.”

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UniCredit is a pan-European commercial bank with a unique service offering in Italy, Germany, Central and Eastern Europe. Our purpose is to empower communities to progress, delivering the best-in-class for all stakeholders, unlocking the potential of our clients and our people across Europe.

We serve over 15 million customers worldwide. They are at the heart of what we do in all our markets. UniCredit is organized in four core regions and two product factories, Corporate and Individual Solutions. This allows us to be close to our clients and use the scale of the entire Group for developing and offering the best products across all our markets.

Digitalization and our commitment to ESG principles are key enablers for our service. They help us deliver excellence to our stakeholders and creating a sustainable future for our clients, our communities and our people.

For further information, please contact: mediarelations@unicredit.eu

Trustpair is a leading vendor fraud prevention platform for large companies worldwide. The platform helps 250+ clients smoothen their processes and reduce fraud, for more peace of mind. It fights B2B payment fraud by automating account ownership validation worldwide, throughout the whole P2P process. The solution offers direct integration to the existing technical ecosystem (SAP connector, API, etc.) as well as intuitive dashboards and real-time warnings in case of fraud attempts.

Website: https://trustpair.com/

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Agathe Chabert


Manage the risks related to corporate treasury.

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