The anti-fraud solution for Head of Treasury

Are you a corporate Head of Treasury? Secure and make your payment processes flow better for preventing errors and fraud risk.

Treasurer’s challenges

Trésoriers - Responsable Trésorerie
  • Do you have limited or no visibility into third-party controls performed by operational teams?
  • Ensuring effective monitoring of your third parties throughout the business relationship is a challenge?
  • Are you often facing late payments or payment errors?
  • Experienced fraud or cyber-attacks, you are not 100% sure of the reliability of your payment processes?
  • Is protecting your business from wire transfer fraud one of your key priority ?

Trustpair, a standard for corporate Head of Treasury

Adopt the all-in-one platform to meet your business challenges


Secure your payment flows

Sensitive and fallible, payment checking processes represent a significant risk. It is up to the Treasury department to ensure strong security to prevent errors, payment delays and attempted transfer fraud. With Trustpair, easily control your payment processes from A to Z and be sure you always pay the right third party to the right bank account.

  • Error-free payments

  • Fraud protection 

  • Alert in case of detected errors or anomalies

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Ensure strong compliance of checking processes

Keeping track of and complying with all the regulations governing payment processes is a complex task.

Ensure a strong visibility of all controls and keep track of the actions performed by all teams in accordance with compliance regulations.

  • Traceability and reliable audit trail

  • Internal control and compliance with procedures

  • Real-time monitoring of the status of the third-party database


Work in collaboration with all financial teams

The treasurer is not the only one dealing with security and compliance issues: the involvement of operational teams and purchasers is crucial.

Trustpair solution allows the entire financial department to work hand in hand for a better follow-up of actions and guarantee a strong protection device.

  • 360° collaboration within the Financial Department

  • End-to-end supplier relationship monitoring

  • Easy-to-use solution connected to business tools

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Strengthen Procure-to-Pay processes on your Treasury Department

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Trustpair meets your business challenges