Say no to manual controls

Trustpair automates manual and faillible check processes to remove time-consuming tasks from Financial departments.

Modernize checking processes

For several years now, digitalization has not escaped any strategic plan of large companies. And Financial departments are far from being spared. Checking and verifying third party bank details is an ordeal for financial teams.

Manual third-party verification is time consuming and fallible. On average, this type of procedure requires at least 6 contact points and takes over 30 minutes for each third-party check.

These processes need to be digitized urgently: not only because manual checks are no longer sufficient to thwart transfer fraud attempts, but also to free up your teams’ time to focus on the essentials.

digitalisation des processus financiers
digitalisation process

Aim for operational excellence

The benefits of digitizing third-party checking processes are immediate: time savings and payment security.

With the automation of controls, Trustpair validates a supplier or clients instantly by verifying the identity of the company (SIREN, VAT, DUNS Number…) and its associated bank account details (IBAN in particular).

All key steps in the Procure-to-Pay process are secured: 

  • New bank account details check 
  • Up to date third-party database
  • Verification of payment files 

Automate third-party bank details controls with Trustpair and improve your financial processes.

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