Preventing payment fraud with accurate international vendor data powered by Trustpair

Collaborating with 17,000+ suppliers worldwide, the finance team aimed to enhance efficiency, eliminate friction in the source-to-pay process, and prevent payment fraud.

Mill Products and Mining

Paris, France

17,000+ global suppliers

42 countries

Streamlined P2P processes

Automating international account validation directly in SAP Ariba

Continuous Vendor Database Monitoring

Maintaining an error-free vendor database in SAP ERP Central Component (ECC)

Zero cases of fraud

since the launch of the secure supplier management program

Challenges and Opportunities

Nexans, a French electrification leader operating in 42 countries, struggled with onboarding, validating, and updating profiles for their 17,000+ global suppliers.

• Unreliable and error-prone manual verification processes allowed for potential fraud attempts to slip through.

• The lack of-role based management limited their ability to identify errors or insider threats.

• Handoffs between accounting and shared service center teams at different stages of account validations caused
inefficiencies and hindered their ability to scale processes across a large volume of vendors.

How Nexans prevents payment fraud with Trustpair and SAP


Nexans successfully introduced a tech-enabled supplier creation process where new vendors are onboarded with systematic account validation via a secure web-app.

Trustpair seamlessly integrates with SAP Ariba to create and check all new suppliers in the system.

Third-party data in select countries is actively monitored to identify errors in their database and is automatically cleaned and enriched to enhance vendor knowledge and provide teams with error-free data

Nexans has had zero cases of fraud since embedding Trustpair into their process.

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