Trustpair further extends its risk coverage with new international banking data sources

new banking data sources

Last modified on April 23rd, 2024

“Empowering finance teams worldwide by securing payments is our end goal and our tech team works hard to provide cutting-edge technology and the highest level of security,” says Baptiste Collot, CEO of Trustpair, the leading payment fraud prevention platform for large companies.

The key to secure payments? International and automated bank account number validation that makes sure finance teams are paying the right vendor at the right moment. To support international account validation, Trustpair relies in part on external banking data sources like SEPAmail Diamond, IBAN Check, and more. Vendor assessment also relies on client data mutualization and complementary checks.

Added coverage for vendors in Italy, Germany, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, and the USA

This summer, Trustpair has secured new partnerships with leading banking data sources worldwide.

Thanks to new Italian source IBAN Check, Trustpair now offers the highest coverage rate for natural persons and entities in Italy. It combines IBAN Check’s data with additional sources, client data mutualization, and complementary checks. New US source gives access to data from over 100 financial institutions including leading US and German banks. It covers vendors in India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Germany and the US.

These latest data sources further expand Trustpair’s fraud risk coverage, adding to already existing sources in countries such as France, Poland, China, and so on.

What are the benefits of these new data sources?

Thanks to these new data sources integrated into the platform, Trustpair enables its’ clients to extend their risk coverage and get detailed assessments of their vendors in multiple countries, avoiding the risk of payment fraud.

Overall, clients with access to these data sources will benefit from:

  • Increased confirmation rates in covered countries
  • Faster account validation of vendors
  • Continuous vendor Data Monitoring
  • Automated Processes and improved team collaboration

Automated international validation is the safest and most efficient way to stop payment fraud. Are you looking to validate account ownership in Italy, Germany, India, Pakistan, and Indonesia or the US? Contact one of our experts!

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