The anti-fraud solution for Accounting Managers

Are you an Accounting Manager? Save time on third-party checking processes and limit low-value-added tasks while ensuring a high level of security.

The challenges of the corporate accountant

Comptabilité - Responsable Comptable
  • Calls, counter-calls, manual searches… Do you spend a lot of time and energy on time-consuming tasks?
  • Are you having trouble guaranteeing the reliability of the processes for checking suppliers’ and clients’ bank details?
  • You have no way of proving and highlighting control actions carried out by the operational teams?

Trustpair, a standard for corporate Accounting Manager

Adopt the all-in-one platform to meet your business challenges


Say stop to manual and fallible controls

Every time you add or modify third-party information in the Vendor Master File, a control procedure is triggered. Manual and fallible, these processes are above all a time-consuming task for the accounting team, taking an average of 30 minutes to check a single third party.

With automation, Trustpair helps you implement more efficient controls while ensuring the relevance and security of evaluations.

  • Automated third-party screening

  • Operational performance

  • Single platform connected to your tools

digitalisation processus financiers - solution trustpair



Empowered upstream of the payment chain, the accounting team is responsible for ensuring secure third-party controls, while justifying to internal audit that processes have been properly followed.

With Trustpair, keep track of all the controls performed by the teams.

  • Compliance and Reliable Audit Trail

  • Traceability and archiving of controls

  • Real-time alert when status changes


Combine security and performance of third party checking processes

Company ID, IBAN, SIREN, VAT, DUNS Number … Ensuring the veracity of each data related to your third parties is a real obstacle course. Reconcile efficiency and security of these tasks thanks to digitalization!

Connected to multiple data sources, Trustpair ensures the automatic control of third parties and alerts you in case of errors or risks detected during the controls.

  • Binary risk assessment

  • International checks’ coverage

  • Reliability of the data

performance et sécurité des processus - comptabilité

Strengthen Procure-to-Pay processes on your Accounting Department


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