Businesses fighting B2B payment fraud in 2022

By Accenture, SAP et Trustpair

Accenture, SAP and Trustpair unveil the 2nd edition of their Fraud Study, conducted in collaboration with Option Finance and Spoking Polls.

In 2021, 95% of companies had to deal with an attempted fraud. 3 out of 4 fraud attempts were successful.

B2B payment fraud attacks are becoming more virulent. For 85% of respondents, companies’ vulnerability to fraud is mainly due to a sharp increase in cyber attacks.

Faced with the growing threat, corporations are getting more mature about these issues, and are willing to rethink their security systems.

Through the 2022 Fraud Study, find out:

  • Which departments are in charge of fraud protection?
  • How are security measures evolving?
  • What are the stakes for corporates regarding fraud?
  • What are the experts’ opinions on this topic?

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