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Automate bank detail checks via the Trustpair API

LeasePlan is a Dutch-based multinational fleet management company founded in 1963. It is the world leader in the industry.

Long-Term Rental

Almere, Pays Bas





Control suppliers’ banking details instantly and automatically to ensure timely payment and prevent B2B payment fraud.



Deploy an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solution by integrating an API between the Trustpair application and the procurement web portal in order to automate the process of creating supplier profiles and checking their banking details.



A 100% automated process with seamlessly secure controls, thus drastically reducing the workload for the operational teams.

Context and issue

Before Trustpair, the checks carried out when a supplier is added or modified were previously not systematic and had flaws: no “four-eye” principle or separation of duties. Every third party check was added to the workload, and the exposure to fraud was high. Finance teams were never 100% sure they were dealing with the right supplier.

The company soon paid the price and was the target of a fake supplier fraud attempt in 2018.

After a wide-ranging market consultation, Leaseplan France opted for the Trustpair platform to manage third-party risks and eradicate B2B Payment Fraud.

The first stage of the project aims to deploy the Trustpair solution for automating banking details checks at an international level. The second stage requires the implementation of an RPA strategy in order to fully automate all processes related to third party controls.

A gain in confidence and performance for the teams

In just two months, the RPA was up and running, and today, all processes are 100% operational.

Leaseplan France can now rely on a fully automated and functional banking details control process. Future project stages are already on the agenda, with the aim of replicating the RPA strategy developed in France throughout the Group.

Using an RPA solution via the Trustpair API allows Leaseplan France to carry out every check automatically and very quickly, freeing up valuable time for its operational teams. As manual entries into the system are now impossible, this solution has also eliminated the need for “four-eye” checks, saving a considerable amount of time.

There was no reluctance whatsoever from the Treasury department, and delegating these tasks to the robot has significantly reduced the teams’ workload, which is a real benefit.

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