Trustpair x TMANY webinar: fraud trends, insights and best practices

tmany webinar

Last modified on April 9th, 2024

More than 6 out of 10 US companies were targeted by payment fraud in 2022, making fraud prevention a top priority for management.

Unfortunately, corporations still rely very heavily on manual methods to fight fraud. For example, human callbacks are used by 70% of companies to check changes in supplier credentials. This is a true paradox, considering the majority of fraud attempts are perpetrated through credential changes.

On top of that, fraudsters now use cutting-edge technology to commit fraud, making it harder than ever to detect it – and almost impossible to detect with manual means only.

Trustpair is happy to lead TMANY’s next webinar on June 21st about payment fraud trends, insights, and prevention tools. Contact us directly for a complimentary code to attend.

tmany webinar

What is TMANY?

TMANY is the Treasury Management Association of New York and is a regional chapter of the AFP, the association for finance professionals. Its’ goal is to educate, inform and provide networking opportunities for Treasurers of the New York area.

Each year, TMANY organizes multiple events, workshops, and webinars, like the New York Cash Exchange.


What will you learn during this webinar?

This live session will be hosted by our CEO, Baptiste Collot, and is based on the results of our latest fraud survey. During the webinar, you will learn about:

  • The latest trends in payment fraud in the US
  • The many impacts fraud has on corporations
  • The security measures in place to fight fraud
  • Best practices to fight fraud efficiently
  • Why technology is the most effective way to prevent fraud

If you’re interested to learn more about payment fraud in the US and how to fight it efficiently, contact us for a complimentary code to attend!

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