US B2B Payment Fraud: Trends and Expert Insights

By Trustpair, GIACT and Treasury & Risk

In 2022, 6 out of 10 companies were affected by B2B payment fraud in the US. Prevention policies don’t seem to be efficient enough. Find out more on how to prevent B2B payment fraud in 2023.
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82% of senior leaders consider fraud prevention to be a top priority for 2023

Companies in the US are taking fraud seriously and most of them are setting up specific policies to wipe fraud out. However, most organizations still rely very heavily on manual methods to prevent fraud. A true paradox, considering how sophisticated fraudsters are getting, using cutting-edge techniques.

In our exclusive 2023 report, find out about:

  • The state of play when it comes to US Payment Fraud
  • How payment fraud is a growing concern for companies
  • The many impacts of fraud on organizations
  • The processes set up to fight fraud and their efficiency

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Experts insights and perspectives

In our report, gather unique perspectives and advice from our fraud experts.

We can definitely say that the pace of payment fraud isn’t slowing down, quite the opposite. A decade ago fraud was very manual: now it’s sophisticated and complex fraud. As a finance team, you need to think about what’s next. How will you prevent fraud effectively? And the answer needs to be both human and digital.

Baptiste Collot, CEO Trustpair
Baptiste Collot

Ultimately, we need to rely on systems. We need to rely on data, analytics, and clear insights. All that in a completely automated fashion that will help human beings make the right decisions.

ramesh menon
Ramesh Menon
GIACT, an LSEG business

This survey was carried out by Treasury and Risk for Trustpair and GIACT. It was fielded via email to Treasury & Risk’s universe of treasury professionals. There were 75 respondents from various industries with jobs titles like CFO, Treasurer Manager, Finance Manager, etc.

meg waters
Meg Waters
Treasury & Risk

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