Trustpair Connect integration is now SAP-certified!

sap certified

Last modified on July 27th, 2023

Trustpair, the leading platform for fraud prevention worldwide, is happy to announce its Trustpair for SAP integration has just been granted the official SAP certification.

This native integration for SAP – for SAP ECC6 and S/4HANA – ensures maximum security for payment campaigns, thanks to automated and systematic controls executed directly in the SAP technical environment.

Now listed on the SAP-certified solutions directory.

What does being SAP-certified mean?

This certification confirms the technical compliance of Trustpair Connect 1.1.9 for SAP with SAP certification procedures. This compliance is aligned with current IT requirements in large companies and streamlines decision-making when it comes to rolling out new projects.

Trustpair for SAP has been tested for compliant implementation on SAP-endorsed technologies and stability in an SAP software environment.

Trustpair for SAP is now officially recommended by SAP to ensure performant and efficient payment fraud prevention. A step further when it comes to fighting B2B payment fraud, which is a growing pain for financial teams worldwide.

Why use Trustpair for SAP?

Trustpair protects large companies from payment fraud thanks to systematic account validation throughout the P2P process. It offers flexible integrations within existing software, using SFTP, API, or native connectors like Trustpair for SAP.

Trustpair for SAP ensures a simple and secure embedding to your existing technical environment (TMS, Procurement, ERP). Account validations can be led directly within the system – here SAP. Processes are secure and teams gain time and efficiency.

Risk management is centralized and streamlined, and payment campaigns are executed with peace of mind. 200+ large corporations have already wiped out fraud thanks to Trustpair.

Do you want to learn more about fraud prevention? Contact one of our experts!

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Trustpair is the leading fraud prevention platform for large companies worldwide.

It protects companies from payment fraud thanks to:

  • The most reliable third-party data worldwide
  • Streamlined and collaborative risk-management
  • Systematic and automated controls throughout the whole P2P process.

200+ large corporations have already wiped out fraud with Trustpair.

Manage the risks related to corporate treasury.

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