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Last modified on October 31st, 2023

The fight against B2B payment fraud remains a priority for financial departments in 2022. To continue to face the challenges of security and digitalization and to fight ever more effectively against the risks of transfer fraud, Accenture, SAP and Trustpair have conducted a survey and have unveiled their 2022 Fraud Study. Through this study, conducted in partnership with Option Finance and Spoking Polls, discover : 

  • Which departments have to deal with B2B payment fraud protection?
  • How are security measures evolving?
  • What are the stakes for corporates in the face of B2B Payment Fraud in 2022?

B2B payment fraud, a reality for corporations

B2B payment fraud is a reality for corporations, regardless of their size. The pervasiveness of this exposure is pushing businesses to rethink their internal organization to deal with such threats and better understand the risks of cyber attacks, which are also becoming a major concern. IT teams are taking a stand in the fight against fraud and have become a key ally of finance departments in dealing with this issue.

Towards more efficient devices? 

Mid-sized and Large enterprises are evolving on how they approach the fight against wire transfer fraud, and transforming their internal systems and organizations as a result. While manual control methods remain prevalent, this study underscores a strong desire to move towards more automated and secure processes. Indeed, confidence in anti-fraud solutions is increasing, and these solutions are gradually being implemented into more and more organisations.

Corporate are becoming more mature

Corporates are becoming more mature in their approach to fraud management. They are increasingly aware of the risks, and in 2022, many will launch projects to deal with such threats. This trend is reflected in the increase in the number of anti-fraud technology solutions available, and the consideration of data integrity within third-party repositories. Combating fraud requires excellent data management, and a key challenge lies in companies’ ability to control the information associated with their third parties.

To learn more, download the complete study “Businesses fighting B2B payment fraud” now!

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