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Increase operational efficiency and secure vendor account validation

EDF Renewables is an entity of EDF Groupe founded in 1990, the European leader in renewable energies – mainly solar panels and wind turbines.


Nanterre, France





Ensure vendor data reliability, in France and overseas while reducing the workload and increasing operational efficiency.



Native integration of Trustpair into SAP S/4HANA. Vendors are automatically controlled when they’re added or in case of data modification, without human intervention for most of them.



Controls are automated in SAP: vendor bank account validation is systematic and fraud avoided. Operational efficiency is increased and 60 work days were saved.

Context and issues

Before Trustpair, EDF Renewables didn’t have a dedicated tool to monitor vendor banking data.

Time-consuming and manual controls were executed by the Treasury team – via scans – for over 15.000 vendors. The team wasted time and wasn’t efficient enough.

Data was unreliable and there was no guarantee against payment fraud. Payment processes were fallible and insecure.

Secure data and increased efficiency for the teams

EDF Renewables integrated Trustpair into SAP S/4HANA with Trustpair’s native and certified connector for SAP.

Controls are now automated in SAP. Vendor bank account validation is systematic when a vendor is added and fraud is avoided.

On top of that, manual account validation was cut and the Treasury team gained time – about 60 workdays. 83% of vendor controls were done in less than 24 hours, which has boosted efficiency.

EDF Renewables valued Trustpair’s simple and painless solution deployment – in less than 3 months with a dedicated team, as well as its intuitive features and interface.

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