Optimize the vendor master file and optimize data reliability

Decathlon is a French sports and leisure retailer, founded in 1976 by Michel Leclercq.

Large-scale distribution

Villeneuve-d'Ascq, France





Clean up the company’s VMF and automate the Company ID/Bank Account pairing controls to reduce the risk of fraud.



Carry out a complete audit of Decathlon’sVMF: analysis of errors, anomalies and mass data corrections.



A Vendor Master File without any error in 4 months and no more risks of non-compliance on supplier’s data within the framework of Loi Sapin II.

Context and issue

Over the last ten years, Decathlon has been the victim of several fraud attempts, including 3 cases which were not detected by the services and which fortunately failed thanks to the controls of the beneficiaries’ banks.

In the database of more than 22,288 third parties, the team was often confronted with the situation of bank rejections because of old accounts that had not been updated for a while.

With Trustpair, the Finance Department no longer has to perform emergency consistency controls. It now benefits from a database of around 15,000 active suppliers with reliable data and validated controls for each of them.

A gain in confidence and performance for the teams

With Trustpair, in 30 seconds, the finance team gets reliable information before making any payment to a supplier.

From now on, Decathlon’s teams only carry out reinforced controls when there is a real expertise to be brought in because anomalies are reported by Trustpair. It is in these cases that the team brings its skills and expertise and demonstrates added value.

In four months, Decathlon went from a Vendor Master File with more than 6,505 errors and anomalies to a completely healthy database.

With the Sapin II Law, the Financial Departments must implement KYS procedures and be responsible for the cleanliness of our suppliers’ information. The Trustpair audit allowed Decathlon to clean the base to be in line and no longer be at risk with these fines (up to 1 million euros per company).

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