Audit your Vendor Master File continuously

Monitor the third party data in your VMF in real time and ensure the clean-up of the database in real time thanks to the data enrichment provided by Trustpair.
Trustpair Intelligence platform
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your third-party data continuously



and enrich your VMF



your VMF with all your business tools

Trustpair Intelligence platform

Work with a reliable and healthy third-party database

Third-party data is a living organism that evolves and degrades over time. On average, 30% of erroneous data is observed in the VMF, which exposes the company to payment risks (rejections, delays, etc.) or fraud. Ensure a detailed analysis of your third-party database in France and abroad

  • 360° vision and diagnosis of the state of your database
  • Visualization of anomalies and fraud risks
  • Prioritization of cleaning actions to be carried out
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Enrich and correct your third-party data continuously

Closed company, judicial liquidation, change of bank account: the legal and banking data of third parties can contain errors and evolve over time. Updating your database manually can become overwhelming and time-consuming. Trustpair provides intelligent suggestions to help you clean and update your third party database.

  • Enrichment of incomplete banking and legal data
  • Automatic correction of erroneous data and case-by-case review of assessments
  • Monitoring of the evolution of the third party database
Trustpair Intelligence platform

Keep your database up to date by auditing it continuously

Maintaining thousands third parties up to date is no easy task for Finance teams. The objective is to ensure in real time the reliability and relevance of each information in the database. Trustpair implements a continuous and automatic audit of your database to maintain clean and healthy data over time.

  • Real-time control of third party information
  • Alerts and notifications when changes are detected
  • Tracking of third party status changes
Trustpair Global Data

Benefit from Trutspair’s audit directly through your business tools

When it comes to reviewing internal procedures, companies share a common concern: optimizing their existing processes without adding complications. Continuously audit your third-party database to protect yourself from the risks of transfer fraud, no matter where your third-party data is hosted. Trustpair offers a continuous and automatic audit of your database. Procure-to-Pay processes become smooth and secure, without disrupting your digital environment:

  • Manual use via the Trustpair web application
  • Autonomous API deployment
  • Native connector for purchasing, ERP and TMS tools
“Trustpair gives us more reliability and peace of mind. The financial director is more serene when it comes to approving the transfer order.”
Malika Benfares
Treasury Manager
Sade Telecom
The collaboration between Keys Asset Management and Trustpair is a win-win: the more we master our tool, the more it ensures a secure Procure-to-Pay processes, from start to finish.
Fabrice Meunier
Administrative and Financial Manager
Keys Asset Management
“With Trustpair, we are able to automatically and quickly monitor our third parties and ensure the security of that very data over the long term.”
Joffrey Tabouret
Treasury Manager
LeasePlan France
“With Trustpair’s verification methodology, it’s no longer just a consistency check but an exact confirmation of the validity of the third party: there is no longer any risk.”
Michele Bruno
CFO and Treasurer

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