Check and evaluate your third parties natively from SAP

Benefit from all the advantages provided by the Trustpair solution within your ERP and Procurement system thanks to the SAP connector.
connecteur natif trustpair pour sap

Save time

on third party account validation


Prevent fraud risk

with secure payments


Integrate fraud detection

inside SAP ECC, S/4Hana, ARIBA

Trustpair connect

Check bank detail within minutes through SAP

Trusptair integrates the automatic checking of bank details within SAP ERP.

The SAP connector enables you to simplify your process by smartly filling in the blank, enriching your third party data and delivering a binary risk assessment within your ERP.

You identify whether the binary risk assessment of your third party is favourable or unfavourable. Without the need for an external tool or person, you have all the cards in hand to pay your third party safely.

Trustpair Intelligence platform

Be notified of high-risk third parties present in your ERP et Procurement tools

Trustpair’s SAP connector brings you the value of continuous auditing of your Vendor Master File.

Within your ERP, you will have access to a 360° view of your VMF in which you can filter, classify and select your third parties. You will also have access to a detailed, readable and intuitive third party detail file for each of them.

This connector between Trustpair and your SAP tools (ERP and ARIBA) also allows you to be warned by email when a third party is identified as being at risk in your database.

connecteur natif trustpair pour sap

Transform your Procure to Pay process with ease

Our SAP consultants will support you in your your process. Their expertise in your business applications and our detailed documentation will allow a quick and frictionless implementation of the native connector Trustpair for SAP.

Technical requirements:

  • Trustpair license

Available on the SAP Store

“Trustpair gives us more reliability and peace of mind. The financial director is more serene when it comes to approving the transfer order.”
Malika Benfares
Treasury Manager
Sade Telecom
The collaboration between Keys Asset Management and Trustpair is a win-win: the more we master our tool, the more it ensures a secure Procure-to-Pay processes, from start to finish.
Fabrice Meunier
Administrative and Financial Manager
Keys Asset Management
“With Trustpair, we are able to automatically and quickly monitor our third parties and ensure the security of that very data over the long term.”
Joffrey Tabouret
Treasury Manager
LeasePlan France
“With Trustpair’s verification methodology, it’s no longer just a consistency check but an exact confirmation of the validity of the third party: there is no longer any risk.”
Michele Bruno
CFO and Treasurer

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