Automatically check third party bank details

Bank supervision performed by operational teams are costly, time-consuming and fallible. Trustpair provides you the all-in-one solution to control your third party bank details in a few minutes and reinforce your processes security.

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Time and efficiency saving

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International coverage


Hight Fraud Protection


Check your third party bank details within seconds

Calls, counter-calls, data searches: third-party checks performed by financial teams do not provide sufficient protection against wire transfer fraud. Manual, time-consuming and highly fallible, verifying a single third party takes over 30 minutes on average.

Save time and increase the security of your controls with automation.

  • Simple, intuitive platform that can be deployed in less than a day

  • No integration or training required

  • Batch or per-unit entry of third-party bank details


Get the broadest coverage

Checking the identity of third parties in an international scope is nOt a simple task for Financial teams. In addition to manual controls and the use of various data sources, specific tools only control a part of the French details.

Ensure the control of your third parties in a large and international perimeter.

  • Control of physical and legal entities
  • Verification of banking and corporate data worldwide
  • Control of correlations in Europe and China


Perform your controls in full compliance

Third party controls performed by Financial teams are uncertain and based on trust. There is no way for teams to monitor compliance with control procedures and keep track of the verifications performed.

Trustpair allows you to streamline your control processes while complying with regulations:

  • Traceability and history of controls performed
  • Binary risk assessment of third parties
  • Protection against errors and fraud risks

Check your suplliers bank details throughout the transaction journey.

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