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The Trustpair platform is your best ally to prevent B2B payment fraud thanks to systematic account validation. Process to payments with peace of mind.

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+200 companies use Trustpair third-party risk management


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Trustpair platform

Trustpair is leading payment fraud prevention platform fo large companies.

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Benefit from the most thorough risk coverage

Connected to multiple data sources, the Trustpair platform offers international coverage of risks associated with third parties. Ensure in-depth analysis of each of your datasets and quickly evaluate your entire third-party database around the globe.

Ensure more reliable monitoring with artificial intelligence

Based on artificial intelligence, Trustpair technology provides an accurate assessment of the level of risk associated with each and every third party. By monitoring the bank account/beneficiary pairing, you can continuously verify, analyze, and correct your third-party data. Work with a sound, reliable vendor master file and benefit from personalized expertise and support.

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Integrate Trustpair into your technology environment

Trustpair is accessible via the web app, a native connection, or API. Benefit from the full value of the platform in your business tools. Software updates are developed and deployed continuously, at no additional cost. The scalability of the application is guaranteed to evolve at the pace of your financial activity.

Improve collaboration between teams

By streamlining validation workflows, Trustpair allows users to make payments with complete peace of mind. Keep track of every action performed by your employees and exchange information through the interface. In case of anomaly or fraud, Trustpair sends an instant and multi-channel alert: from within the application, by email, or by phone. Alerts can be configured to respect existing workflows so as not to become too intrusive.

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