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The third-party risk management platform is recognized as a benchmark by the banking industry. Let’s work together to help your customers manage their third-party risks.

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Banks play a key role in managing their customers’ cash flow. You process transfers and share valuable advice to help them protect themselves against B2B payment fraud. Choose Trustpair as your trusted partner to go the extra mile in making your customers’ processes secure.

  • Fast, responsive deployment for P2P processes
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Endorsed by the major banks


Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, Trustpair is able to work with banks operating in France and abroad.
Companies’ payment processes are becoming increasingly digital, and financial departments are instead opting for instant payments. Banks are no longer able to carry out a quick check of a supplier’s banking identity in a few seconds. Checks must be made before the transfer order and generally throughout the payment chain.

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