How feedbacks makes the most out of a candidate experience, by Maja Wolkiewicz

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Last modified on December 1st, 2022

Meet Maja, Talent Partner & People Care at Trustpair, who reveals how to run a recruitment process at Trustpair and how to succeed at it!  

Recruitment is no longer a simple matter of swelling the ranks of the company, but a real concern in finding and convincing the best talents needed to join the team. The key to success lies in two words: feedback and experience. Let’s focus on how we are designing our hiring process at Trustpair, and of course, your opinion is strongly welcome !

Recruitment process: the rise of the wind of change

Back in the days, the stages of recruitment processes at Trustpair were not crystal clear: candidates met different team members, rehearsed their speech… a kind of waste of time for each player, but also a reason to give up: some candidates have turned down the job because of this. Reading this makes you smile? Yet many companies still make this mistake. 

Learning from our mistakes, an in-depth reshape of our HR strategy and processes was defined. The main challenge was to make the recruitment process less dramatic, by carefully structuring the recruitment steps to reassure the candidate and offer him/her a relevant and unique path, where he/she can deliver the best of himself/herself.

Setting up well-established processes

The best way to build a successful scale-up quickly came to our mind : people are the key and we needed to focus on how to hire A-players.

Our recruitment process is now designed to allow candidates to discover Trustpair and its challenges progressively. We thereby structured our recruitment process in 5 specific steps, all with specific exchanges, stakes and purposes.

First touch 

I am the one leading the way by having the first face-to-face exchange with the candidate. I make sure that the job description and the candidate’s aspirations are a perfect match. 

Experience interview 

When the feeling is right, the candidate meets the team manager to have an in-depth discussion about the job position, his or her background and previous experiences. As performance is key, our managers lead their interviews using the  STAR Methodology

Case study 

This interview is followed by a case study to assess the candidate’s technical skills. By the end of exercise, we make sure to deliver live feedback and exchange about the case.

Coffee fit and founder’s meetup 

After these steps, an essential one remains: to validate at 100% the cultural fit. We want to know if the Trusteam sees themselves working with the candidate, and vice versa. Then, one of the co-founders presents our global values and vision, and is seeking feedback about our process. This is our way to improve and make the process a real experience.

Groundwork driven by excellence

What I missed during my own recruitment process was mainly human and informal interaction. In my opinion, meeting other team members is crucial, and needed to be standardised in our processes. Everyone, interviewee and interviewers, have to get a great full experience.

The win-win approach of coffee fit

Would you dare to join a team you’ve never met before? Well, we don’t! This is how Fit Coffee came in.

Firstly, it makes the recruitment process more human and less dramatic for candidates, which can be stressful and difficult to handle for some; it allows them to have a casual chat and to get a real idea of our work culture, ask questions easily, and project themselves into the company.

On the other hand, the team is delighted to be involved in the process, to have a role to play and a real impact. The coffee fit turns their daily lives around and makes them part of the company’s scale-up. A vision truly shared by the team, who always share positive feedback.

Don’t forget that feedback is everything

We attach great importance to feedback, as it’s part of our corporate culture. The aim is always to move forward together and further.

Once the process comes to an end, with the aim of continuous improvement, a simple and straightforward form is always sent to candidates. Answers are anonymous: all we want is objective feedback to improve the candidate’s experience. Mostly, candidates always mentioned the transparency, humility and caring nature of our processes – perfectly aligned with our values, success achieved!



How to succeed in the recruitment process at Trustpair?

By joining Trustpair, you’re not just a team player: you become the driving force behind the project! The special attention we pay to mindset, personality and human fit during the processes allows us to select the best talents who will feel at home at Trustpair.

Each stage is a logical follow-up, which brings something new and different to the process. No matter if you are the interviewee or the interviewer, it is a collective approach where everyone’s opinion is heard.

What we are looking for are challenging and proactive persons, who stand out with questions, show interest and provide constructive feedback! 

Well, before leave you to ponder this, or preparing yourself for a Trustpair interview, keep in mind our best tips for standing out:

  • Caring, ambition and no ego truly matter at trustpair,
  • Be curious about the product and our team,
  • Prepare your interview : we love to be challenged by smart or unusual questions,
  • And the most important: be yourself!

What is, for you, the best candidate experience a company can offer? I’d be glad to read your feedback and advice to improve our hiring process ! Feel free to write me your thoughts : 

Trustpair is hiring!

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