Ensure compliance of your third party checks

Trustpair assists Financial departments in the compliance of third-party data controls.

Comply with regulations in force

The Sapin II law requires the implementation of evaluation and control procedures for third parties and is becoming a very strong constraint for Financial departments. Trustpair automates these checks to free financial teams from time-consuming but mandatory tasks.

The duty of vigilance law is imposed on parent companies and ordering companies. Trustpair takes care of this constraint by integrating in its application dynamic data sources capable of alerting the financial teams of the situation of their third parties (collective procedures, liquidation, etc.)

compliance -digitalisation des processus financiers

Automate your third-party detail check

Third-party control compliance involves implementing KYS (Know your Supplier) procedures and ensuring the cleanliness of supplier information.

However, protecting your company from financial risks is very costly in terms of time and implementation.

Trustpair allows you to automatically perform third-party checks in accordance with compliance standards. 

  • Your company is protected from the risk of fraud, while freeing up your staff’s time to focus on areas of expertise.

Strengthen Procure-to-Pay processes to manage wire transfer fraud risk within your company.

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