Secure your third party payment campaigns

Run aN automatic check of your payment files and detect suspicious behaviour to get wire transfer fraud over with.

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Full Payments’ Check 

Signatories of supplier payment campaigns are responsible when errors and fraud occur. Yet, they have no way of analyse in detail each payment line.

Though, many flaws can compromise a payment: abnormal amounts, duplications, beneficiary inconsistency, false invoices or wrong bank details.

Trustpair allows you to pay with peace of mind, by relieving validation workflows:

  • Control of payment files at an international scale
  • Upstream check processes monitoring


Detect suspicious behaviour

Setting up rules to detect suspicious payments is a time-consuming and at-risk task. For example, small recurrent payments in France may not raise any alarm, whereas it may be a well-crafted internal fraud.

To go further, Trustpair analyses your payment habits to identify typical behaviour. Your payment habits are also continuously enriched by pooling Trustpair users’ payment habits together.

  • Duplicates, abnormal amounts or out-of-base third parties detection
  • Management of specific cases and false negatives (factoring)


Be protected in case of error

Payment campaigns must be highly monitored as purchasers incur their liability and have no visibility of upstream checks.

In case of fraud, Trustpair sends an instant multi-channel alert: in the application, by email or by phone, you are warmed in case of critical information.

Alerts are configurable to avoid intrusiveness and to respect existing workflows. Depending on the criticality of the information, you define the recipients and the appropriate communication channel.

  • Insurance cover included in the offer
  • Compensation if consecutive financial loss

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