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Trustpair is the leading third-party risk management platform fighting payment fraud for Finance departments in mid and large-cap corporations.

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Trustpair secures Third Party Data throughout the Procure-to-Pay process

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Add/edit a third party bank account


VMF continuous audit​


Batch payment verification

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  • 1 Check
  • 2 Audit
  • 3 Secure

Secure controls when editing or adding a third party

  • Control bank details instantly
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Natural and legal persons controls
  • Single or batch data import
  • No more input errors
  • Traceability of each controlled performed

Manage data reliability throughout the third party lifecycle

  • 360° overview of the third party database
  • Errors and anomalies detection & reporting
  • Enrichment of banking and legal data
  • Smart data suggestions & automatic corrections
  • Real Time monitoring
  • Alerts and notifications in real time

Ensure payment security before sending files to bank

  • Suspicious or abnormal behavior detection
  • Errors, duplicates and amount anomalies detection
  • In-depth control of each payment line
  • Compliance checks overview among payment journey
  • Integrated with payment tools

Main benefits for your Finance department Treasury department Accounting department Purchasing department Shared Service Center


Fraud protection

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Global Coverage


Business Tools Integration


Dedicated support & assistance

Strengthen Procure-to-Pay processes within your company to manage fraud risk.

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Trustpair is surrounded by the most prestigious partner network to support Financial departments of Mid-caps and major groups in their projects to fight wire transfer fraud and digitize their processes.

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Trustpair raises €20 million to become the first SaaS platform for third-party risk management for financial departments

Trustpair, publisher of the third-party risk management platform, specialised in B2B payment fraud, announces a €20 million fundraising round led by Tikehau Ace Capital alongside its historical investors Breega and Axeleo Capital. 

Founded five years ago, Trustpair is the next-generation third-party risk management platform that enables companies to prevent the risk of B2B payment fraud, optimise Procure-to-Pay process and secure third-party interactions.

The platform has been adopted by more than 200 Large Corporate clients, is acclaimed by the major banking players in the market (Société Générale, Natixis, Crédit-Agricole CIB) and counts more than 100 employees. Thanks to this new round of financing, Trustpair plans to consolidate its position as market leader in France, to internationalise its sales activities in Europe and the United States, to hire more than 200 talents by 2024, and to extend the value of its offer by meeting the needs of financial departments for support in managing third-party risks.

“In 2021, the damage caused by B2B payment fraud reached 20 billion euros and more than 70% of large companies were victims. Fraudsters use very sophisticated means to usurp the identity of suppliers or customers and collect the sums due in their place. Financial departments are at a loss because 90% of them control the information of their third parties with costly and obviously fallible manual controls. At Trustpair, we are convinced that digital technology is the key to reviving the confidence and performance of financial departments in managing third-party data. Our promise is to rebuild confidence in their processes while simplifying their daily lives” explains Baptiste Collot, CEO and co-founder of Trustpair.

“In light of the worrying acceleration of the phenomenon of money transfer fraud, Trustpair has developed an offer that addresses the issue of digital trust, which is essential in exchanges between customers and suppliers and which is at the heart of our cyber fund’s investment strategy. We were particularly impressed by the fast growth of the company, which is led by a trio of visionary founders who have been able to bring together talented people. We are delighted to be able to use our expertise in the field of digital trust, coupled with Tikehau Capital’s international network, to support Trustpair’s growth, particularly in the United States,” said Gilles Daguet, Managing Director of Tikehau Ace Capital.

“The market opportunity that Trustpair addresses is very large, and no player has so far succeeded in offering a global solution to its corporate clients. Backed by its partners and with a first step in the US, the Trustpair team is well positioned to establish this coverage and offer a reliable and secure international solution. We are delighted to renew our support to their ambition.” Isabelle Gallo, Partner at Breega.

“Axeleo Capital has been supporting Trustpair since its seed phase and we are delighted to participate once again in its development. This new financing illustrates our willingness to support tomorrow’s tech leaders, who bring innovative and concrete solutions to major challenges such as security. This renewed confidence fully illustrates our approach, which consists in supporting the most promising startups over the long term and in the strategic phases of their development. Mathieu Viallard, General Partner of Axeleo Capital.


About Trustpair 

Trustpair is the next-generation third-party risk management platform, specialising in the prevention of B2B payment fraud

  • A team of + 100 people based in Paris
  • The reference on B2B payment fraud validated by +200 large companies
  • A platform acclaimed by major banks (Societe Generale, Natixis, CACIB)
  • A technology connected to financial software editors (SAP, Kyriba, Sage)

website: / Twitter: @trustpair


About Tikehau Ace Capital

Tikehau Ace Capital is a private equity firm specialised in strategic industries and technologies, with €1.3 billion in assets under management. Founded in 2000, Tikehau Ace invests with a vertical approach in strategic industries (e.g. Aerospace, Defense and technologies (e.g. Cybersecurity)). Tikehau Ace Capital has built its model on strategic partnerships with large corporates (including Airbus, Safran, Dassault Aviation, Thales, EDF, Naval Group, and Sopra Steria), which invest in its funds and maintain an ongoing dialogue with the firm, enabling Tikehau Ace Capital to take a differentiated approach to investing.

Tikehau Ace is present in Paris,Toulouse and Madrid, and benefits from the worldwide presence of Tikehau Capital.


About Breega

Breega propels pioneering and purpose-driven founders from idea into impact. We closed our first fund in 2015 and now have +€500m AUM and 70 trailblazing portfolio companies. Crafted for founders by founders, we built Breega to provide start-ups with the help we wish we’d had. And we’ve created an investment proposition that’s purposefully designed. We call it full stack funding: providing capital and connections, expertise and experience, support and solidarity for entrepreneurs at every step of their journey. We invest across Europe and internationally, focusing on pre-seed to Series A and above.


About Axeleo Capital

Axeleo Capital is an early stage venture capital firm (pre-seed, seed), created in January 2017, which invests in France and Europe on the following themes: Enterprise Software, Cybersecurity, B2B Fintech, Crypto & Web 3.0, Proptech & Construction tech. Axeleo Capital provides a unique framework for seed-stage startup founders, combining equity investment from pre-seed to seed, operational and strategic support through to series B, and an active ecosystem of over 100 high-level partners and mentors involved in several success stories in France and Europe. Axeleo Capital manages to date €135M in thematic VC funds and has more than 45 investments in its portfolio including Alsid (sold to Tenable), Cloudskiff (sold to Snyk), Jenji (sold to Silae), Trustpair, 365Talents,, Joko, Garantme Beantsock and Prello. 

More information : .


Press Contacts

Trustpair / Agathe CHABERT – 06 42 76 34 42 –
Tikehau Ace Capital / Audrey Hood – 06 150 825 68 – 

Breega / Céline ROGER – 06 20 83 00 35 –
Axeleo Capital / Agence Ballou France – Thomas Duporge & Caroline de Frias 01 42 22 24 10


AFP Philadelphia 2022 - Trustpair exhibitor.
AFP Philadelphia: Trustpair flies to the US for its first overseas event

Trustpair decided to open its field of investigation to Philadelphia for its very first forum on the American lands : the Association for Financial Professionals Forum. The forum will take place in the The Pennsylvania Convention Center from October 23rd to October 26th of 2022.

What is the AFP?

Headquartered outside of Washington, D.C. and located regionally in Singapore, the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) is the professional society committed to advancing the success of treasury and finance members and their organizations. AFP established and administers the Certified Treasury Professional and Certified Corporate FP&A Professional credentials, which set standards of excellence in treasury and finance. Each year, AFP hosts the largest networking conference worldwide for more than 7,000 corporate financial professionals. –

AFP 2022 is the perfect place to gain practical knowledge, discover innovative solutions and gets best practices. This year, the theme of the forum is : We love learning.

Why should you take part of AFP Philadelphia 2022?

  • 100+ educational sessions that will help you to get new ideas of implementation you could use on your business and find out solution to overcome your biggest challenges.
  • Discover to the last innovative products and services available on the finance market.
  • Enjoy a day out of work to improve your knowledge on specific topics and get certification credit.
  • Extend your network in participating to round table, virtual workshops, reception or event informal meet-ups to share new thought and discuss topics you are dealing with.

About Trustpair:

Trustpair is the next generation third-party risk management platform specialized in B2B payment fraud. We support financial departments in digitalising their third-party control and procure-to-pay processes to improve security and performance.

The Fintech was co-founded by Baptiste Collot in 2017. It became the third-party risk management platform used by CFOs and finance teams of 200+ large corporations over the world. Faced with the increase in transfer fraud attempts over the years, Baptiste Collot decided to reinvent payment security in companies. This was achieved after having encountered manual, cumbersome and fallible processes in large French group treasury departments.

Join us!

For the occasion of AFP Philadelphia 2022, find us at the booth 658 and come to meet up our Trustpair team and CEO. Find out how Trustpair allow CFOs, Treasurers and finance team to secure B2B payments and prevent fraud effortlessly.

If you want to know more about the AFP 2022 program, or if you haven’t purchased your ticket to attend the event yet, let’s get started!

Get my ticket !


Cybersecurity: the Cost of Unpreparedness – Back to Viva Technology

Wednesday the 15th of June at Viva Technology, Olivier Nautet – Group Chief Information Security Officer and Head of Security Fraud at BNPP and Zeina Zakhour – CTO Digital Security at Atos took the floor alongside Jeniffer Schenker Founder and Editor-in-Chief at The Innovator to discuss the subject of cybersecurity and the cost of unpreparedness. They took the floor in turn to talk about the importance of securing a company’s digital, industrial and corporate systems and the repercussions of being unprepared for those eventualities.

What do we know about Cyber Attack?

The number are clear, according to Cyber Security Venture, global crime cost are going to grow from 50% per years over the next few years reaching US$10.5 trillion US dollars anualy by 2025.

This drastic increase is due to the frightening growth of organized crime hacking, organized criminal gangs, as well as organized crime sponsored by hostile nation states. The cost of the damage caused by these “attacks” include lots of damages :

  • Distraction of data
  • Fraud or stolen money
  • Loss of productivity
  • Theft of intellectual property, personal and financial data,
  • Post attack disruption to the normal coast of business & forensic investigation
  • Restoration and deletion of hacked data and system and reputational harm.

it is no wonder why this is on the top of the agenda for nearly every CEO. – Jeniffer Schenker – interviewer

Cyber issues according to Ukraine and tension between Europe and Russia, what is the situation of BNPP & ATOS

Following the invasion of Ukraine, many companies have been victims of cyber attacks. However, national infrastructure like energies have been targeted to malware few years ago, leading Ukraine to get ready for further attacks. Even thought the country have been targeted to cyber attacks, they have been able to identify malwares for those attack to be less impactful.

Now a day Cyberwar is clearly part of todays War. According to Atos and BNPP when a compagnie is targeted to cyber attack his partner and environment could be impacted too. Today they have not notify any specific impact but they are worried of collateral damages.

Is it enough to protect your own company? What about the supply chain?

Even if you the due diligence of an organisation have been secured in the most precise way possible. They will always be things you can’t 100% control. For example, third parties are usually a part of the chain that you cannot control.

Lots of government institution have provided guidance about how do you secure a supply chain – Zeina Zakhour – CTO Digital Security at Atos

In the contexte of Viva technology, most of the compagnies are leading organisation or Starts-up providing digital products and services. In the main conception of their service and product, founders and designer should always remember to include security by design, to ensure a long living life for your product or service but above all to their compagnies. This matter should never be an after thought when compagnies decide to develop a products. They also have to think about how secure they are, considering the best practices they are implementing. Getting ready is the best way to minimise the collateral damage of cyberattacks.

As a matter of fact, European government is currently working on cyber security app which will come up in the coming months specifically targeted on: how to secure digital product and services by design?

It’s important for us that everyone, as soon as they’ve got our data, need to make sure that everything is correctly secured to insure the security and confidentiality of our data. Even when it’s outside of our primacies. Everyone needs to be includes in the whole chaine because the weakest link will be at the end the biggest problem for you. – Olivier Nautet – Group Chief Information Security Officer and Head of Security Fraud at BNP

Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) serving for or against security by design?

AI is a true help in detecting the “small noises” hidden in the huge amont of data compagnies are managing all day long. It alert potential attacks or intrusion in general and help compagnies to be prepared for intrusion. In terme of security the better way to think is always:

  • How fast do you detect
  • How fast do you react

Artificial Intelligence can be use for different purposes : marketing and customer experience or even to predict maintenance for instance. The only remaining questions should always be :

Why are you using this data and is it secured by design?

In the bank industry, AI is generally use to manage data. In termes of fraud concernes, manual process takes hours to days to detect problems. People are able to take them in charge only afterward. With AI instant, decision could be taken thanks to machine learning with dedicated patents.

With machine learning we also have to insure that the bad guys don’t exactly understand what we are doing. – Olivier Nautet

Facial or vocal recognition are tools used by the bad guys to fake identity. in that precise case, AI seems to be the best option to fight against it too. To insured the security of your process and your automation, AI auditability should also be your priority. Auditability will help you to remains aware of any flaws in the system.

What is the best way to protect your company?

They are different process a company should follow. The first step, is to identify the risk: companies can’t protect what they can’t see. They need to identify their critical assets and the cyber risk that falls on those asset. This is a key step.

If we took the question from another angle, founders and designer could also wonder “is my company able to reconstruct something or to deliver the business even though it is suffering from an attack ? “ in this concerns their principal matters should always be :

  • Protect
  • Detect
  • React

How can I make sure that in all those versions of my product I remain in the same level of security. That is something we need to properly monitor, in addition to detection and reacting, as fast as possible. You cannot control everything when we talk about cyber security but, you need to be ready to be able to detect and react as fast as possible. Because, when you are ready you can at least limitate the impact and you can react fast enough. – Zeina Zakhour

How banks position themselves to face fraud?

From a cyber perspective, banks are not competitors but considers themselves in the same level. They are dealing with the same actors and attackers. They are well aware that IBAN are reused a lot and today they know that they need to fight all together against them to become stronger. They need to communicate about cyber attacks to all their clients and make sure they have a global communication to them about fraud.

CyberSecurity: What companies needs to keep in mind ?

Today it’s not a question of “are you gonna be attack“ we talk more about , “when are you gonna be attack”, so be prepared. – Jeniffer Schenker

Don’t consider security as a cost but consider security as an investment that create value for you. This global trust is what your customer are looking for and that is what is going to grow you business. – Zeina Zakhour

Data Management: the cure for wire transfer fraud - write paper
Data Management: the cure for wire transfer fraud

Trustpair and Altares unveil a practical guide to support your finance department in its Data Management strategy. Companies need to define and implement a clear Data Management strategy, to optimize and make all the processes for collecting, qualifying, using and securing data more fluid.

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Businesses fighting wire transfer fraud in 2021

Trutspair, Accenture and Option Finance unveil the 2021 Fraud Study to understand how finance departments position themselves regarding the risks of wire transfer fraud. The study reveals that the fight against fraud is an important issue for 89% of CFOs.

The risk of fraud has exploded during the Covid-19 crisis and the manual processes traditionally used by companies were not able to absorb this surge in volume. Waves of fake president or fake vendor frauds have had serious consequences, resulting for instance in a loss of €6.6M for a large pharmaceutical company based in France.

The study underscores this ambivalence: risk awareness is increasing, but as of 2021, very few companies have invested − or intend to invest in − a digital solution to adequately prevent wire transfer fraud. The feeling that “fraud only happens to other people” is still prevalent, and the decision to invest is too often made in reaction to a fraud or to an attempted fraud.

Fraud Study Trustpair

Data Management : le seul remède à la fraude au virement ?

Véritable organisme vivant, les données relatives aux tiers évoluent et se dégradent dans le temps. Si l’on ajoute à cela le niveau de risque et de sensibilité élevée de ces données, assurer leur fiabilité devient un enjeu stratégique pour les entreprises. Lors de ce webinar Data Management, nos invités d’honneur Frédéric Paresy et Michael Lisch, Ingénieurs Avant-Vente chez Altares, interviennent au côté de Baptiste Collot, Président Trustpair afin d’échanger autour des sujets Data Management, Smart Data et lutte contre la fraude.

Avec l’essoufflement du modèle Big Data et l’émergence des nouvelles technologies, les données intelligentes, ou Smart Data, ont désormais une place de choix en entreprise. Elles n’ont plus d’autre choix que de changer leur modèle de management pour assurer la qualité de leurs données tiers tout au long de la relation d’affaires et ainsi sécuriser chaque étape de leur processus Procure-to-Pay.

Au programme du Webinar Data Management

    • En quoi consiste le Data Management pour les Directions financières?
    • Comment s’assurer de travailler avec des données tiers fiables ?
    • Quelles sont les grandes étapes pour réussir un onboarding fournisseur ?
    • En quoi une bonne gestion des données protège-t-elle des risques de fraude ?

Si vous êtes intéressé.e par ces thématiques, regardez le webinar Data Management en replay.

Replay Webinar Trustpair x Altares - Data Management

podcast & Trustpair - conformité lutte fraude
Allier conformité et lutte contre la fraude

Podcast proposé par : dans cet épisode, Baptiste Collot et Emmanuel Poidevin – CEO de – échangent sur la conformité, lutte contre la fraude au virement et plus particulièrement sur la maitrise des données fournisseurs.

e-Attestations part EN LIVE avec Baptiste Collot co-fondateur et CEO de Trustpair , la solution de référence pour lutter contre la fraude au virement en entreprise.

Dans cet épisode, Baptiste Collot et Emmanuel Poidevin échangent sur la conformité, lutte fraude au virement et plus particulièrement sur la maitrise des données fournisseurs. Les fraudes au virement se sont professionnalisées. Elles se sont massifiés et la finalité est toujours la même : l’usurpation d’identité. Les attaques sont récurrentes, les occurrences connues. Il ne s’agit plus uniquement de gérer le risque mais de le couvrir.

  • Comment sécuriser la chaine opérationnelle au quotidien ?
  • Comment maitriser la qualité de ses données ?
  • Comment couvrir l’ensemble des processus de création, modification et paiement de ses fournisseurs ?
  • Comment allier conformité et lutte contre la fraude ?

Cette problématique concerne aussi bien les grands comptes que les PME ou ETI. Bonne écoute.

Podcast Fraudologie - Fraude au virement - Sécuriser ses IBAN
Sécuriser ses IBAN avec Trustpair

Podcast proposé par FRAUDOLOGI€ : Qu’est-ce que la fraude au virement ? Quelles sont les solutions pour s’en protéger ? Comment sécuriser ses IBAN ? Pour vous apporter des réponses, Denis Pénot donne la parole à Baptiste COLLOT, Président de Trustpair.

Baptiste Collot est le premier expert auquel je fais appel pour enrichir notre vision de la lutte contre la fraude. Il a fondé en 2017 la société Trustpair après avoir travaillé dans un grand groupe français où il a été confronté aux difficultés pour gérer une donnée fondamentale dans la vie d’une entreprise : l’IBAN.

Podcast Forecast - comprendre la fraude au virement
Comprendre la fraude au virement

Podcast proposé par FORCAST : Comprendre la fraude au virement  est une chose, mais savez-vous comment protéger votre entreprise ? Afin de bien aborder le sujet, Jean-François Galeo donne la parole à Baptiste COLLOT, Président de Trustpair.

Usurpation d’identité, hacking, fraude interne, ingénierie sociale… En 2018, 70% des directions financières se sont dits victimes de tentatives de fraudes au virement. Elles n’étaient que 30% en 2009 !

Dans ce nouvel épisode de Forecast – Podcast, « le podcast qui met la lumière sur le monde de la trésorerie d’entreprise », Baptiste Collot, Président et co fondateur de la société Trustpair, nous parle d’un sujet dont il est expert : la fraude. L’objectif est simple : comprendre la fraude au virement.

  • Qu’est-ce qu’une fraude ?
  • Comment les fraudeurs opèrent ?
  • Comment anticiper et limiter le risque de fraude ?

Trustpair in the media

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