Fraud prevention: Trustpair will lead a live session during the ATEL spring conference

atel conference 2023

Last modified on April 23rd, 2024

Leading fraud prevention platform for large companies worldwide, Trustpair is happy to participate in the next ATEL conference, on April 20th in Luxemburg.

On the agenda are different interventions about the Treasury function and advice to fight efficiently against fraud, a phenomenon largely increasing worldwide.

Our Head of Sales and fraud expert, Marie Barin, will host a live session about the impact of payment fraud on companies, the inherent risks of the payment chain and recommendations to secure your processes.

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What is ATEL and why should you attend?

ATEL (Luxembourg Association of Corporate Treasurers) was created in 1994. It regroups Treasury and Finance professionals in Luxemburg during events and specific training sessions about their business challenges.

On April 20th, 2023, ATEL regroups once again its’ community in Luxembourg, in the ING offices. An opportunity to meet and hear from key players in the finance space like Kyriba, China Construction Bank, Trustpair, etc.

What will Trustpair’s live session be about?

We’re delighted to host a talk at this conference. Marie Barin, our fraud expert specializing in corporate-size businesses, will share all the challenges presented by payment fraud and give you the best practices to secure your P2P process.

For a more concrete approach, she will also go through a use case illustrating how LEASEPLAN, a Netherlands-based company, fights B2B payment fraud effectively with Trustpair.

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ATEL Spring Conference 2023


Trustpair is the leading payment fraud prevention platform for large companies worldwide. 

Since 2017, Trustpair helps finance teams secure their entire P2P process, thanks to account validation automation. The solution offers intuitive risk management and integrates directly with existing tools for more efficiency.

With the platform, more than 200 companies worldwide have avoided fraud, thanks to:

  • The most reliable account ownership verification worldwide
  • Intuitive dashboards, secure workflows, and real-time warnings 
  • Native integrations with existing software (Procurement, ERP, TMS)

ATEL stands for Luxembourg Association of Corporate Treasurers. It was created in 1994.

It regroups Treasury and Finance professionals in Luxemburg and offers events and specific training sessions about their business challenges.

Manage the risks related to corporate treasury.

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